Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Made With Love

I just finished this delightful book, Made With Love.
As some of you know, I love making "everything" homemade; be it food, cards, flowers, soaps and toiletries, jewelry, etc... This book was perfect! The author tells true life stories of people sharing their handcrafts with others, applies it spiritually, then ends each chapter with a cool craft - especially ones you can do with kids. I love the fact that God is the master artist. It always marvels me that that no two sunsets are alike, that our fingerprints are as unique as we are, that He calls the stars by name, and He counts the number of hairs on our head! Amazing Creator! If you enjoy making handmade things and love stories - then this book is for you. There, I sound like a book column writer...:>) I looked up the author online and she's written books of poetry, is a musician and an artist too. I found this book on mom's bookshelf when I was visiting two weeks ago. Happy crafting!

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