Friday, February 8, 2013


What is pain?
Anguish of soul
or body

They're inextricably mixed

I cry out
"Why God?"
"What did I do wrong?"

He answers me in
the sweet silence of

Pain is
knowing where you are
and not running from it

Pain accepts
because you cannot escape

Pain crushes
       humbles us

Pride, the unwelcome guest
packs up and leaves

Pain releases the
tight fist and
opens us up

to Life

Compassionate eyes
for all suffering

Grace comes

My 6 year old, Raja,
slips his thin arm in mine
"I'll help you, mommy!"

My dear hubby
signals me to see
the golden haze

Rain washed slab stones


"Come quick, everyone!"
They rush to see

We beckon our neighbors
with an insistent knock

"Look, look" -
It's a double rainbow!

Glorious, bright and full
it fills our sky

"I'm so glad you showed us,"
they say,
"We would've missed it!"

In five minutes it's gone -
Clouds burn with envy

Later, suds flying
Grimy plates washed clean

and, Surprise!

Globe of liquid rainbows
rests on the soap bottle

A wink and a promise

God is in control
And all is well.

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