Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easter Poem

"!Feliz Pascua de Resurrreccion!"
"Happy Easter!"
I smile to Juan, from Colombia,
who bags my groceries

"Happy Easter!"
I smile to the Pharmacist
Gladness exuberates
in flowers

We play mini golf
small boy with long
flowing locks
darts past

The dad and a friend
capped, bearded
fringed tallit trickles
down the waist

Blue thread reminds
to keep God's commands
(Numbers 15:38-41)

I ask about his little boy
"We cut hair at 3 years,
it's our tradition."
"In India there is a similar practice,"
I say

"It's our Passover week,"
he says
I know this means strict
dietary laws, Seder feast,
and no lamb.

"We are celebrating Easter,"
I say.     They nod.
"The Passover Lamb."
Did you hear me?
I wonder

"God bless you!" We say
to each other and


I love this word in Spanish
"Easter" and "Passover"
inextricably linked

Lamb's blood
saves us
Smeared on the doorposts
of our hearts

The Innocent One
Sacrificial Lamb
His life for ours
His blood for ours

When Christ agonized in the garden
Did it seem Good Friday to Him?

When His disciples betrayed,
abandoned and denied Him
Was it a Good Friday?

When He was mocked,
scourged and nailed to the Cross -
Was it a Good Friday?

When the whole world and
even His own Father
turned His back on Him -
Was it a Good Friday?

Or when the sky darkened
the rocks split
the temple curtain rent twain

And all of Satan's folly
was crushed under
Christ's heel

When, after that 1st awful Day
The 2nd day of waiting and wondering
Then, the 3rd day - at Sunrise.....

The rock pushed away
Angels attending

We came with our
anxieties and questions

And He calls us
by name

Now it is "Happy Easter"

He has risen victorious
He will reign victorious
till all His enemies
become a footstool
under His feet

His Spirit is sent
Lives within us

Together we will cry
with the host of heaven,

"Worthy is the Lamb
that was slain...."!

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