Thursday, January 31, 2013


The Golden Hour

"And God walked with them
[Adam & Eve] in the cool of the day."

The Golden Hour - 
That hour between
afternoon & evening

Tonight not Golden
but Grey

I walk on grey asphalt
Murky grey clouds
give poor reflection

The last sounds
of the day
Punctuate the air

The air laughs
with children's play

Dinner aromas waft
from house to house

Cars come home
to roost

Scattered lawn chairs
as remains of the day

Rivulets of water
create long ribbons
of molten yellow pollen

I walk to the end 
of the cul-de-sac

and Stop. dead. alert.
A deer. it's white ears
and tail flick. One back
leg moves.

Our gaze is interrupted
People come
the buck runs

He says he plants corn
for them in the woods

Turning sudden
street & house lamps
flick on

"The light has come
and darkness has not
understood it."

A lone dove
A cricket chirps

Joy swells my heart
Smile causes a
ripple effect


  1. Wow - very nicely written and I love the way you can express complex concepts in such plaintive expressions...and not to mention, tying it so immaculately to the scripture - Indeed, when we see it through your lenses, it resonates with God's heart.

    1. I am happy this touched you and am humbled at your praise. To God be the glory!