Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 - The Year in Flowers

We started 2012 in Bangalore, India with my husband's family.  The first picture is a bouquet that was presented to us with much pomp and circumstance.  Imagine dignitaries and a Kollywood (this is NOT misspelled!) star seeing us off to our visit to mountainous Coorg.  A wild ride with curious monkeys looking on. Atop the mountains we were in tea fields - my dream!  We stayed at a coffee plantation on my first to India, so now it's complete!  Next, notice the beautiful chalk drawings on the pavement by my talented sister-in law, Premila.  She also, like is a tradition in India, designs flower arrangements as heads of flowers and petals floating on water.  These arrangements are placed next to the front door of your dwelling.  Another common practice is to have large clay pots lined up against your home or around your patio so to enjoy every variety of flower, vegetable or herb for cooking or medicinal purposes.  Derick's mom and Premila take wonderful care of these plants as you see Amma's yellow sunflower on her terrace looking out. This blue and white bowl is my attempt to re-create these beautiful Indian water arrangements.  We all love flowers!!!DSCN2887IMG_0923DSCN2957DSCN2959DSCN3216DSCN2629DSCN2646DSCN2862IMG_0621IMG_0609

From India we return to Jacksonville and later Saint Augustine as we move in June.  With the help of a friend, I start a flower ministry at church for the sick, hurting, or anyone needing cheering up or encouraging.  What a joy to cheer so many dear ones and use my gifts and passion for flowers.  Enjoy the rest of these shots!

DSCN4530DSCN4641DSCN4933DSCN5146IMG_0419IMG_0591IMG_0592DSCN5223DSCN5275DSCN5274DSCN5544DSCN5472DSCN4943DSCN4944DSCN5443DSCN5550DSCN5502IMG_0799DSCN5514DSCN5494DSCN5486  I heard it once said that when God created the world, He laughed in flowers.  I believe it and am the richer for it.  Thank you for laughing too!!  I'll see you in 2013 in the next post!

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