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The Proper Toilette (recipes for cleansing and beautifying)

The Proper Toilette:

Morning toilette:

rinse face
brush teeth
spray deodorant
body powder
body spray
hair gel

Evening toilette:

hair conditioning oil
cleanse face
moisturize face
brush teeth
lip balm
foot balm
hand cream

Special toilette:

henna for hair

Recipes for Morning Toilette:

Morning rinse:
cold water, may add few drops of lavender oil and lay wash cloth on face, rinse three  times

Tooth powder:
3 to 1 natural clay powder to baking soda, or 2 to 1 baking soda to sea salt, opt. stevia powder, powdered cloves, cinnamon, ginger, or sage. Oils to use: myrrh, cloves, peppermint, spearmint, citrus oils, tea tree, cinnamon. 10-20 drops.

Mouthwash I: 1 c. aloe vera juice, 1/2 c. distilled water, 1 T. witch hazel, 1 t. glycerin  2 t. baking soda, 20 drops peppermint oil (or combination of oils from tooth powder recipe) Opt. add stevia for sweetness

Mouthwash II: 1/2 c. filtered water, 1/2 c. hydrogen peroxide, 1 t. glycerin, 20 drops essential oils (see above)

Spray deodorant: 2 T. filtered water, 2 T. witch hazel, 2 T. aloe vera gel/juice, 1/2 t. glycerin, 1/2 t. baking soda, 10 drops lavender oil, 3 drops eucalyptus oil, 3 drops tea tree oil, 3 drops sweet orange oil, 3 drops grapefruit seed extract (natural preservative). Optional: I use 10 drops tea tree, 3 lavender, 3 orange and 3 patchouli oil for a more powerful-acting deodorant.

Body powder: 1/2 c. cornstarch, 1/2 c. arrowroot powder ( may substitute rice flour), optional: 1 T. baking soda (I cannot with sensitive skin), 10 essential oils (such as chamomile, rose, lavender, jasmine, ylang yalng - go easy on this one, neroli, or your choice)

Body spray: 1/4 c. filtered water, 1 1/2 t. glycerine, 1 t. jojoba, almond or olive oil, 4-5 drops vitamin E oil, 8-10 drops essential oils. (again, your favorite combination)

Hair gel:  1/4 c. in-expensive hair gel, 1/4 c. aloe vera gel, 1 T. jojoba oil, few drops rosemary and lavender oil

Perfume oil: 2 T. jojoba or almond oil, 12 drops ylang ylang oil, 6 drops lavender oil, 4 drops patchouli oil, 2 drops clary sage or vetiver oil. Steep for 3 days.

Tender rose perfume spray: 1/4 c. vodka, 60 drops rose oil, 16 drops sandalwood oil, 10 drops lemon oil, 1/4 t. jojoba oil. Shake well. Steep one week.

Recipes for Evening Toilette:

Hair conditioning oil: 1/2 c. coconut oil (or combination olive and coconut), 12 drops ylang ylang oil
(for other suggestions for hair, consult February 2012 archive on this blog)

Aromatherapy facial cleanser: 1/4 c. glycerin, 1/4 c. aloe vera gel, 1/4 c. rose water, 5 drops lavender oil. Shake and apply to damp face, rinse with cool water. (there are MANY facial recipes and I will do another whole blog entry on those.)

Moisturizer: 2 drops jojoba oil applied to moist face after cleansing.

Mouthwash: (use after flossing and brushing): see above

Lip balm: (one from the internet that I like)

Luscious Lavender Lip Balm Recipe

  • 4 Tbsp jojoba, almond, or olive oil
  • 1 Tbsp grated beeswax or beeswax pearls
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1/4 tsp vitamin E oil (or 3 punctured, squeezed out liquid vitamin E capsules)
  • 7 drops lavender essential oil (or other essential oil)
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder (optional)
  • 1 tsp colored, natural lipstick (optional, if you want it to have a hint of color)

Warm the oils, beeswax and honey in a small, stainless steel pot or bowl. Be sure to warm it on VERY low heat. (You can use a double boiler, if you’d like.) Stir until the beeswax is completely melted. Remove from heat and quickly whisk in the essential oil, vitamin E, cocoa powder, and colored lipstick. Place the bottom of the bowl into a shallow pan of ice water and continue whisking quickly as you add the honey. Once the honey is incorporated, quickly transfer the balm into your lip balm container (tube or tin) and allow to set for 3 hours. 

Foot balm: DIY Foot Balm (another nice one from the net)
printer friendly
¼ cup shea butter or cocoa butter
2 tablespoons coconut oil
2 tablespoons olive oil
½ ounce piece of beeswax, grated
10 drops essential oil of vanilla
10 drops essential oil of peppermint
  1. Combine all ingredients in a saucepan over very low heat, stir until melted
  2. Remove from heat and stir to combine, then add essential oils
  3. Pour mixture into a clean 4 ounce mason jar
  4. Massage a small amount into your feet at bedtime to moisturize
  5. Or give as a gift to friends and family
Non-Greasy Hand cream:
1 c. aloe vera gel
1/2 c. beeswax
1/2 c. oil (almond, grapeseed, olive, jojoba or mixed)
1 t. vitamen E oil
15 drops essential oils (I like lavender, rose... husband likes vanilla or lemon)

In 1 bowl mix first aloe vera gel, oils (not essential oils), in doubles broiler melt beeswax. Let cool a little, use beaters to mix. (You could add the 1/2 c. oil to warm beeswax first, then mix with vitamin E and aloe vera). When mixed, add essential oils and mix once again. Refrigerate unused portions.

Special Toilette:

again consult Feb. 2012 blog for some of these, I will post a future blog with more ideas.

Hope your toilette is complete and you are refreshed!!!!!!

Write me if questions. 



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