Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Homeschool Dayz

Days flash into days..
School books open and close,
stomachs hungry, feet anxious to run

Three days of math struggle
Derick takes over two more days
Monday morning, Isaiah flies through math
ready for what is next...!!!

And they memorize facts, Scriptures, songs.
Eager for science, art, music too

We read books together as a family
Amazed, Isaiah relates science facts to the story..

David helps his brother, asked him yesterday,
"How was your day today, Gundu?"

Afternoons, with my piano students,
the boys have play mates!

And one morning, picnic, these two
Water bottles, napkins open-spread,
and two boxes of nerds, yum!

A solar system mobile, lamp-turned
palm tree, their room is looking
like a science museum!

So its back to school for us all,
mom, dad, kids, all!

I wouldn't trade a minute of this
for all the "free" time I used to have!

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