Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A wee bit of me...

Word became flesh and dwelt among us
Your creation has now, for me, become word...

Saturday, October 4, 2014
Anastasia Island, FL

Beach, long and winding
dune, hillock
sea grasses taller than me
their golden pods tinkling like jewelry

Wide expanse
world holding its breath
one step over the last incline

Stop. Panorama of endless
sky, water and sand

Waves pound gushing foam
sucking water back
again. again. again.

My view is marred by
a huge beach umbrella
the young couple in love
place in front of me

Impossible. So I join my boys
collecting sharks teeth
joyfully we wash bits of black teeth
and discover...its faux shark teeth!

One beach umbrella attracts more
as this glorious day beckons

Squeals fly as sand in the air
shovels, buckets of water
sand castles

And then, as a soaring signal in the sky
Like a cardinal flitting about
is one solitary red kite
diamond-shaped with trailing ribbons

Captivated, I notice another
blue kite and blue and red
flags waving back

The play of unwieldy wind
and unyielding string
interact in this playful art

I also wrote this little poem after our fun day at the beach, seeing dolphin and my boys, with their daddy's help catch fish off the long ocean pier.

People commenting.
People asking.
People complimenting.
People helping.
People showing.
People laughing.
People sharing.
People praying.
People advising.
People joking.

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