Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another little ditty...Can you guess who this is about?

Waiting for God*

We sit here
You and I

This bench
This tree

Sunlight wanes
Leaves fall

It's October
After all


You smell good
Is that perfume?

You tell me your story
and ask of mine

I sigh 
Know where I'm from
Where I'm going

Telling of it
Brings fresh pangs


It's simple
Grew up on a farm

We've all grown
Gone our separate ways

Funny thing,
We all joined the Force
Security mostly.

Doing our duty 
Punching the card


Somehow I've been thinking
of eternal things lately...

Like my time is coming

How about you?

I shouldn't have asked


Your tears, your words
They encourage me

I dry mine
Sit tall

You say, "the end
is never THE END

THE END is our 
new beginning...

You are as compost
to my roots."

Somehow the concept
doesn't sound very romantic...


"By the way," I say,
"I'm a pumpkin you know."

She says smiling,
"I know."

"What's your name?"
I ask.

She says, "Um...Mum's
the word."

*the title is from a British sitcom

I really did witness this pumpkin and pot of mums side by side on a park bench - and they just begged for a story!  Enjoy!

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