Friday, October 24, 2014

Indelible Ink

In Po-dunkville, Florida
there is a coffee shop

Unique. Timeless...

Somewhat reminiscent of cafes
in Rome, Paris, London, New York

In its aura - 
Complete, yet transportive.

I follow the heels 
belonging to black pants
past the florist shop
to Spring Park Coffee.

The smell of freshly roasted beans
and old upholstery greet you
with lovely bell slam of door.

Jazz - the right type -
gentle and romantic


Plays with the mind and heart...

So seductive, it induces
shy black pants to
ask the lady to dance

They move - 
as a matter of course

People in timeless cafes...

My camera winks
as they turn my way
in a humble embrace

Indelible ink
so my memory won't erase
this sublime Jazz

I chat with lovely lady
while black pants steps out

She walked at the park 
with her friend

Shy, thoughtful and kind
she describes him

"Hold on to him," I say,
"These men are hard to find.
They are a treasure.
Eyes never lie."

I step away 
as black pants enters

He presents 
his lady in waiting
not with hot house flowers
from next door

But indelible, permanent ones
Beauty without smell

No Turkish Delight
or cafe pastry
is fare for his lady

Rather, peanut m&m's

Like a junior high crush
sweet, innocent and telling

I show them the picture I took


"My husband, too, is thoughtful and kind.
Thank you for making my day.
God bless you both," I say.

He turns
and I see his eyes.
They don't lie

Sensitive, fragile
is the owner.

He knows the hardness
of the world

Yet he is responding
to the warmth of love

Out of dry and cracked ground
New, living growth is


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