Friday, October 31, 2014


The clock you gave
Clicks loud over my head

Pillows on my bed
and library chair

A necklace
Conch shell

Old weathered book
with ideas you once held

I whisper a prayer
whenever clock
says 9:11

You moved back
to NYC
but are untraceable

I lost your
sister's number

The phone number
once yours
doesn't work

No email
no facebook

But your husband,
I found a page online -
I left a message, but...

He's back on the stage
New persona
Very New York

I wonder
I remember
I pray

You helped plan my wedding
So much laughter
A few tears

I taught your son piano
He taught mine soccer

My close, close friends
I miss you

But you're not forgotten

That clock ticks loud
and every 9:11

I pray.

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